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unique wedding lanterns

Lanterns, no matter shape, size or color, somehow set an easygoing yet romantic tone. They bring breeziness to your big day punctuated with an air of magic.

Set to be a hot trend for weddings this winter and into 2013, we wanted to bring you a roundup of the cutest designs and shapes that are easy to find and/or create yourself. While seeking the light, we stumbled upon a lantern unlike any other.

So, our complete lantern roundup will be on the blog next week, but for now, gaze at these unique twinkling lights from Papaver Designs. This latest addition to our bouquet of cool can be used as favors, to adorn creative centerpieces, to decorate a room or on place settings.

unique wedding lanterns

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For the coffee table album and framed wedding day memories around the house, I’ll always opt for the picture perfect shots of a photographer. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see, share and giggle at the snaps from my friends and family. Late night images of my groom and I on the dance floor, performing moves only two people drunk on love would think were smooth, are priceless in their own way.

I remember catching glimpses of these photo collections via friends on Facebook in the days and weeks after our shindig. But I wasn’t always tagged in or aware of the pics, so it was hard to share and collect them. I would have loved for all the images to be in one place, and trust me, you will have the same wish.

Solution! We are delighted with Wedding Snap. The app, which was unveiled in March, is the hip, new way to solve this photo collection dilemma. It is a definite must in our bouquet of cool.

app for collecting wedding photos

How it Works: Wedding Snap

Metal flower bouquets

Personalized and sometimes unconventional bouquets are certainly not new, but metal incorporated into more classic floral designs is definitely unique.

Pennylyn Kaine, owner and lead designer of Blossom and Bee Floral and Event Design, says metals are making a mark. Her team has used metal elements in at least three weddings since April.

“We use an assortment of pre-fabricated aluminum mixed metals. They are very pliable so it makes shaping them very simple,” Kaine says. 

Even metals come in various color and texture options. Diamond wire is one example. “It’s a metallic wire that's embedded with tiny gemstones. It instantly adds bling to any project you’re designing. I like to use this as a handle treatment on bouquets. “

Why add metals, what is the statement? “It's a juxtaposition of soft and hard, natural and industrial to bring a modern flair to a traditional experience,” says Kaine.

If you are looking for a standout element for your photos, you’ve found it.

Get inspired with these creations from Blossom and Bee. Thanks to Lauren Elle Photography for the images and events pro Richard O’Malley, who designed the shoot. (This shoot also featured balloon dresses, just for fun!)

Metal flower bouquets

Metal flower bouquets

Cookie dessert bars are all the rage and cookie favors hold a special place on the table, but what more can a smart cookie do?

Consider placing words of welcome and request on these sweet morsels. Yes, cookie wedding invitations.

Richard O’Malley, a highly-touted special events pro in New Jersey and New York, says cookies are the latest must-do. “No, not some ‘cookie cutter’ cookie. Personalized, gourmet cookies ... You have to see these to believe them,” he says.

O’Malley relies on New Jersey’s a cake dream for his events. Whether it is a save-the-date or an invite, the charm factor is undeniable.

save-the-date cookies

wedding invitation cookies

*Birthday invite shown, but wedding invites are baked up as well.

Menu and dessert cards get the sweet treatment at a cake dream.

wedding invitation cookies

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Adding a late-night treat to your summer wedding? Think ice cream, but without the scoop.

While we adore ice cream or gelato bars and do-it-yourself sundae stations, I wondered if this cool dessert trend could go bite size.

The delicious answer: popBites. The latest treat from New York based popbar, these tiny morsels are a surprising treat for guests. The praline-sized bites are a bit of sweet comfort and extra fuel to keep friends and family on the dance floor into the wee hours.

popBites - summer dessert for weddings

Currently available in three flavors, imagine nestling an assortment of the bites into trays filled with crushed ice for a “cool” presentation. Or add them to your dessert or ice cream station as another option for variety craving guests.

All natural and all fun, they are currently sold in 15-piece gift boxes, but custom and large orders are possible.  

Since these were just ‘popped’ on July 1, 2012, shipping is not yet in place, but their marketing team gave us hope. Here’s the word: “popBites can be either purchased at the store in the West Village or are offered and/or delivered to local events around NYC. They can't be shipped just yet.”

Tip: You’re a bride, so obviously you get what you want. This means ask, ask again and bug them until you get some popBites to your event!

popBites - summer dessert for weddings

Food wedding registryThe online registry is a modern, busy bride’s best bet. We love them, and apparently so does the majority of the wedding world as these time-saving, practical tools to let guests know what you want and need as a new couple are sprouting up everywhere.

We’ve seen the charity registries, the honeymoon ones and even the house payment registries, but as self-proclaimed foodies, we recently stumbled upon a new favorite.  Busy newlyweds shouldn’t waste time slaving over the stove. Instead, this solution gives you “Free Dinner Date Nights.”

Foodie Registry is based in Chicago and lets guests buy you gift certificates for your favorite restaurants and/or establishments you’ve always wanted to dine at. If, like us, your day generally revolves around cravings and exciting new food finds, then this will make your mouth water.

It is a definite must in the bouquet of cool for your big day. Currently serving Chicago, New York, Denver, San Francisco, San Diego and Hawaii, the year-old site continues to add new metro areas. 

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