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bride and groom on vintage couch

With all the inspiration out there for brides and planners, it's no wonder vintage wedding decor has become such a huge trend. Blogs feature these gorgeous weddings filled with unique touches. And with vintage rental companies like my own, Mrs. Vintage, popping up all over the United States, making these dream vintage weddings a reality is simple and affordable.

Many companies offer vintage rental recommendations based on your theme and day-of styling because we understand vintage can get overwhelming in a hurry.  

Let me ease the stress with some expert advice. Below are my picks for the top five trends in vintage wedding décor …

1. Lounge Seating
Seeing beautiful vintage furniture, like a Victorian era settee mixed with an antique trunk coffee table in an unexpected location is so exciting and makes for amazing photos. Bring the indoors out by setting up furniture under a tree during the reception. Or use antique sofas for front row seating at your outdoor ceremony.

lounge seating at vintage wedding  books and flowers vintage centerpiece idea

2. Dessert Table
I am absolutely obsessed with the trend of the vintage dessert bar. There are so many options, but I've found that 3-5 petite cakes on vintage cake plates plus a few silver trays & milk glass bowls of other sweet treats can really make a statement. I like to add in some candles and a floral arrangement just to tie everything together.

And, I can't stress this last point enough, use a vintage table to get that real Pinterest dessert bar look. I have too many brides who think the table isn’t necessary, but when they get photos back of all those lovely vintage pieces on a regular draped table they realize something just isn't right.

It's about the complete package, start to finish vintage.

dessert table vintage

3. Guestbook Table
This is where I really see brides getting creative. From vintage postcards for guests to sign, to snapping photos for the guestbook, and even creating a 'tree' with the fingerprints of guests, there are so many opportunities here to make your wedding unique.

Do you and your fiancé love music? You could decorate the guestbook table with rolled up vintage sheet music. Arrange them in a wire basket and add in a vintage instrument or photo of the two of you playing music to display on the table. You could even have your guests sign a music notebook instead of your typical guestbook.

The guestbook table is the first thing guests will see when entering your reception, so it's important that it reflects you as a couple and will create a lasting memory for your guests.

More Vintage Wedding Trends

holiday wedding ideas

Mini, vintage wreaths will adorn the tables, red will play a prominent role throughout the décor and twinkling crystals will conjure up images of snow and the season. Sounds divine, but if you don’t know what to expect, having a wedding on or around the holidays can be less than joyful.

Yes, people do have time off during the holidays, and yes, they are in the mood for celebrating, but what are the potential problems?

Below, the planning pros offer up tips for making a holiday wedding as magical as the season.

Consider travel costs
Sacha Krasney of Be U Weddings says, “Only have a holiday wedding if most of your friends and family live in the area. If your friends and family mostly live out of town, they may not be able to attend since flights are expensive at the holiday time and most of them will already be paying to fly home for the holidays.”

Aviva Samuels of Kiss the Planner agrees. She adds, “Logic tells you that if you are typically busy and hectic during that time of year with holiday parties, gift purchasing and traveling, understand that others are likely having the same stresses. While it is your day, being considerate of those you love is certainly worthy of consideration.”

A solution: Plan or suggest additional pre and post-wedding events to make the entire affair feel more like a vacation for traveling guests.

Don’t overpay
If travel isn’t an issue for your guests, then take advantage of the savings of the season. When on the hunt for venues and vendors, Jena Warren of An Affair to Remember advises couples to remember that November-January is considered “off-season” in many areas. Look for bargains, discounts and special promotions, but also be aware you might be competing with company holiday parties when trying to secure a venue.

Read More: Tips for Holiday Weddings

shades of red lipstick for weddings Q: My wedding is coming up, and I wanted to know how I can wear little or no makeup. I don’t usually wear makeup, and I much prefer a natural look. Is there a reason I would have to wear it? Or any tips you have for keeping it looking minimal and not mask-like?

Thanks, Angela

A: Dear Angela -

Even though you don’t wear makeup on a day-to-day basis, I would highly recommend the magic of makeup for your wedding day. Without at least some makeup a bride can look washed out or shiny in wedding photos … which isn’t the best look for these life-long memories. But don’t worry, there are ways you can wear makeup and look super natural.

Read More: Natural Wedding Beauty Tips

Celebrity wedding planner tips

When you work with the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey and Russell Simmons, there is no doubt you know how to throw an extravagant and on trend affair to remember, but Andrea Correale of Elegant Affairs in New York also knows how to create a ‘celeb’ style event that is affordable and doable on a short time frame.

The key is spending on unique elements that will make your day stand out and saving on items and services that aren’t meant to be the star of your moment. Prioritize.  

With over 20 years of experience, Andrea and her team offer both catering and event planning services. They have produced custom-designed events and weddings for parties as intimate as two and as extravagant as 2,000.

We chatted with Andrea, who also serves as a food critic for Social Life Magazine — a luxury lifestyle mag in The Hamptons — about tying the knot like a celebrity or putting on a chic society-type affair without blowing your budget.

BR: We all want a unique and memorable wedding, but how can a bride-to-be with a tight budget make it happen? What are your tips for giving a wedding that lavish and trendy celeb feel? 

Andrea:  Find a location that does not feel like a typical catering hall. Look to rent a house for the weekend, look at vineyards, look to see if there are any interesting historic buildings in your local parks available for rent. Perhaps consider museums or other landmark buildings as well.

Second, have an after party with a DJ or at least an iPod with some great speakers. Serve up a late night snack and let the party continue.

Also, make two or three outfit changes throughout the night. (They don’t have to be wildly expensive, just true to your style and stunning!) For instance, pick one outfit for the cocktail hour, another for the main event and even a third for the after party.

Two more tips: Set up a champagne bar with two or three signature champagne cocktails, and go big on flowers.

In other words, instead of spending a fortune on the bare minimum, choose less expensive ones and get a lot. Do a mono floral arrangement, which is one type of flower in large bunches.

Celebrity wedding planner tips

Celebrity wedding planner tips

BR: What about in the food department, any favorite eats or foodie trends for weddings?

Andrea:  Sorbet push-pops is one great idea. Serve them as the last taste of the evening, a great, final palate cleanse. (Some of Andrea's other creations in photos above)

As for the food set up, forget the cocktail hour and reception being in separate rooms. Let the party take place in one space beginning with passed hors d’oeuvres followed by a variety of food stations for the dinner portion.

BR: Since we are The Rush, we have to ask: Can busy brides or those with a short engagement pull this off?  What is your number one planning tip?  

Andrea: Make yourself a list of all that needs to be done and put yourself on a timeline. This will alleviate stress and anxiety.

BR: Simple advice, but so true. Knowing what you need to do — and what you want to do rather than what people or tradition expect  —  is half the battle. Thanks, Andrea!

Celebrity wedding planner tips

Photos courtesy of Elegant Affairs.

shades of red lipstick for weddings Q: Hi Shalini, I love your book and have tried a lot of the beauty secrets. But now I'm getting married in a few weeks and I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to wear a dark lip color. My wedding is in the evening and it's formal. Should I do red lips or not?


A: Dear Samantha, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Evening weddings are the best, and you could absolutely wear a red lip.

My advice is always this: Pick a feature and make it pop. If it’s your lips you want to play up, then I recommend a softer eye and cheek. For your eyes, use champagne hues of shadow with a strong liner and dark lashes. For your cheek use a shimmering bronzer instead of a red blush and pop a sheer pink on the apples of the cheek. That way your eyes and cheeks won't compete with those fabulous, red lips!

Go bold and be beautiful! Enjoy your day.



Red lips are also Look #4 in Shalini's roundup of Summer Beauty Trends.

*Have a question for Shalini? Email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About the Pro: Celebrity makeup artist and BrideRush beauty editor Shalini Vadhera is a self-professed beauty junkie, successful entrepreneur and acclaimed makeup artist by trade. With her experience making up some of TV’s biggest stars, consulting leading cosmetic companies, and appearing as a lifestyle expert on segments for The Doctor Oz Show, The View, The Doctors and many more, Shalini is a wealth of bridal beauty insights.


Summer has settled in with deliciously beautiful colors and textures that are 100 percent wedding worthy. Get inspired and incorporate these trends into your big day. Whether it is bold brows, bronze glowing skin, rosy cheeks, deep red lips or doll-like glamour, the sky’s the limit on absolute gorgeousness.  

My favorite trends for the blushing bride:

LOOK 1 – Chanel’s Rosy Summer
Pair sweet shades of pink and rose on the eyes with a subtle pink lip. Add shimmer bronzer on cheeks for a finished glow. (photo: Chanel, spring 2012 collection)

Chanel makeup for weddings

LOOK 2 – Bold Brows
Bold brows are hot! Keep them natural and full. For a more dramatic look, fill them in with a brow pencil or shadow. This look works best with flawless skin, pale lips and soft cheeks. (photo: Michel Kors)

Michel Kors

More Summer Wedding Looks

wedding day beauty secretsWhen I got married there was a weeklong, head-to-toe makeover to get me bridal beautiful, and it was worth it. Not only was it fun … almost like a spa week ... but the results lasted well into my fabulous honeymoon on the French Riviera. 

Having worked as a celebrity makeup artist, I’ve learned tons of great tips to looking and feeling your absolute best on your wedding day. They worked for me, and now I’m ready to share the best of my makeup bag secrets.

1. Whip Skin into Shape
No matter how much makeup you wear, you can’t hide bad skin! To me, this is the most important part of prepping for your big day. Whip your skin into shape by starting at least one to two months ahead of time. In a planning rush? Start as soon as possible!

Get on a good skincare system of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and masking. Assess your skin and determine if you are oily, t-zone or dry. This is important not only to get you using the correct skincare products but it will also play a big part in determining what type of makeup you use on your big day.

2. Prepare the Canvas
Every beautiful makeup job starts with a good canvas. Your foundation, powder and concealer are the keys to making you look flawless not only in person but also in your photographs.

Start with a good primer. It makes all the difference in the world. It’s like priming your walls before you paint. The same effect happens when you apply your makeup over a primer.

Opt for a yellow or golden under toned foundation and concealer. This will eliminate that ghostly white look we’ve all been guilty of having in photographs. To set your makeup, use a good translucent, loose powder.

Read More: Wedding Beauty Tips

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